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                                Sales Management - Behavioural Profiling

          Key Account Management - Negotiation Skills - Motivation Selling

accelerating sales performance

Sales Management Training
Our sales training programmes for sales managers focus on the skills required to create a high performing sales team. These will include soft skills development such as how to coach, recruit and motivate sales staff, along with more strategic development such as strategy formulation.
Behavioural Profiling Training
Sometimes called Personality Selling, our programmes focus on the latest theories relating to Type and Social Style to develop the skills of experienced sales staff to read and adapt behaviour to get the most out of any client interaction.

Key Account Management
We have developed our own Key Account Strategy workshops that can be tailored for a variety of different organisations and situations. The processes we use are robust and adaptable and will allow sales staff to take a more measured strategic view of their most important accounts.

Negotiation Skills Training
Our Negotiation training workshops use a structured process to ensure that every potential opportunity is maximised. Using the latest theory in persuasion and influence we are able to arm sales teams with the skills to engage experienced buyers and obtain a maximum return, while ensuring all parties are satisfied with the outcome.
Motivation Selling Training
Our Motivation Selling training workshops use our own Accelerate approach to ensure the sales person engages with the buyer fully in any sales meeting. Our tried and tested Motivation Selling approach will ensure that sales people are able to truly understand the needs, desires and aspirations of their customers at a far deeper level

"To cause to move faster; to quicken the motion of;to add to the speed of"
Getting the most out of sales people is not simple or without challenges, especially when market conditions are tough. At accelerate we develop sales skills and sales leadership competence to ensure your sales teams are working at optimum performance. Our sales training workshops for experienced sales staff tend to fall into five distinct areas
Our skill is in getting to know the businesses we work with, coming up with practical solutions and delivering high impact Training and Development events that work. Our consultants have always sold in multiple markets, as well as managed sales forces and provide a hands on approach to Accelerating your sales performance. We have experience working in the UK, Europe, US, Middle East and Asia and can provide global solutions for international sales teams.
the sales training specialists
Motivational Selling Workshop

Personality Selling Workshop

Key Account Selling Workshop

Selling to Achieve Results Workshop

Negotiation Skills Workshop
Sales Training Course Outlines

Below are some of the programmes that we are able to run