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Sales Training Course Outlines


Below are some of the programmes that we are able to run

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used tool of its kind in the world. We use it in both our sales training and sales management training to build better relationships with customers and staff respectively. The simplicity of the tool itself is one of it’s biggest assets and attendees on our programmes can quickly get to grips with the tool itself to improve their performance.

Sales Training
We use the MBTI in our personality selling workshops to firstly identify the “Type” of the salesperson who are attendees on our programmes. We then then use this information to help them to recognise the “Type” of their customers and adapt their style accordingly to maximise the relationship with the clients. Organisations will see an immediate impact in the way their sales people interact with their customers

Sales Management Training
Developing the skills to be a competent sales manager is essential and developing self awareness is a crucial factor in this. Managers who are more self aware will motivate and retain their staff and get more out of them in terms of productivity. We spend time looking at the MBTI in depth and making sure managers are comfortable with their profiles. We use too separate Myers Briggs tools to do this

MBTI StepI is the original preference type tool developed by Myers and Briggs based on the work of Carl Jung. It measures four clear dichotomies to give 16 profiles
Extraversion - Introversion
Sensing - Intuition
Thinking - Feeling
Judging - Perceiving

MBTI StepII is the latest MBTI profile that breaks each of the 4 dichotomies into 5 distinct areas, giving 40 facets of behaviour which provides the most clear and accurate profile possible at the current time.


We deliver our sales training programmes throughout the United Kingdom and further afield as required at your premises or venue. Our programmes are always evaluated and we can offer you firm guarantees that you will see a change in sales performance by attendees.

We do run open programmes and our summer schedule will be published shortly. For further details please contact us on 0845 643 4508.
The Tools we use
Motivational Selling Workshop

Personality Selling Workshop

Key Account Selling Workshop

Selling to Achieve Results Workshop

Negotiation Skills Workshop